Ants Unity: Why do ants walk in a single line? What is the reason for them to be so united?

Why do Ants Walk in a Line?

"Discipline should be learned by watching the ant" Everyone says that. Everyone knows the answer to the question why. They run in a single row in regular order. Do not go astray even by mistake. There are many ways to reach the destination. If there is any disturbance in the middle…they go back and forth and finally come back to the same line. They are also very united during foraging. They don’t leave that unity until they get whatever they want… How did they get this discipline? What is the secret behind them being one? Let’s know these interesting facts now. 

Why do they go in a single line? 
Ants go in a single line. We will see it many times. There is a scientific reason for this. Ants constantly secrete a chemical scent called Pheromones from their body. Ants use pheromones with each other. Communicate through This chemical gives a warning to the ants coming from behind. It is said that signals are given with this chemical to warn if there is an enemy nearby, or to find a place to find food. Consider a colony where ants live. Only a few ants leave the colony to search for food. Once they find a food source, they return to their colony from there. All these threads release pheromones during this process. They go directly to their place and communicate with other ants. They bind together again and release pheromones. Food Source‌ go to All the ants keep releasing that chemical until they find food. The ants coming from behind sense the chemical. After all the food is dry, the same pheromones‌ With help they come to their own place. 

 (Image Credits: Pixabay)

Communication in many ways..

Not just through pheromones. Ants communicate in many other ways. This process is very interesting. Bumping (Ant Bumping) is a method in this. Bumping means…to collide with each other. Whenever ants find food they want, or to warn of an enemy, they raise their antennae on their body and hit another ant’s antennae. A special cent will be released at that time. As soon as they sense this scent, the other ants will be alerted.
Do you know another interesting thing..? Ants are very interested in telling other ants what they have eaten. They express this feeling with their body language. How are you? An ant gently rubs another ant. Based on the secretions from the ants’ mouths at that time…"What did you eat?"  The rest of the ants understand clearly. If someone walks quietly…"You are going as silent as an ant" It is called Ants are all silent. But…they make noise. If only we could hear it. They give signals to other ants by rubbing their legs against the body. This sound is so low that we cannot hear it. 

How can they be so united..? 

Unity is very high in ants. No matter how hard they go for food. Moreover, ants are the inspiration for other insects in saving food. Compared to their own body weight, they can easily carry food weighing 10-50 times. That is their energy. When it comes to team work and unity.. Chimal is an example. As the reason for their discipline… there are reasons for this unity. Generally other insects do not live together. Ants are different. Everything lives together. The areas where they live "Colonies" is called Ants divide into several groups. To which team that team assigns tasks to themselves. These are the same "Workers" is called.

Unity is strength..

They are responsible for bringing food. These include Soldiers. They protect their territories. Queen ants stay inside. They are too big to see. Winged ants help establish new habitats. These are called Drones. But if they work as a team…they cannot survive. Hence…ants "For unity" It is seen as a symbol. In general…animals and humans get infections. We have to go to great lengths to reduce these. But…ants are very smart and strategic to escape from these diseases. In‌infection‌ They are very careful not to come. Any slight symptoms will disappear immediately. They make sure that the infection does not get to the others. They are unity in this respect too. They are also united in gathering food. So…this is it "Ant story" 

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