Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi 2021: Today is Angarki Chaturthi, know the time of moonrise and worship ritual

Angarki Sankashti 2021: & nbsp; Angarki Chaturthi, which is important for Ganesha devotees, is on Tuesday. Angarki Chaturthi said that there is special enthusiasm among Ganesha devotees. There is a feeling that if one worships Ganapati and fasts on the day of Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi, one gets the merit of Sankashti throughout the year. Therefore, even devotees worship Ganesha with devotion and fast for him. The moon will rise today, November 23, at 8:27 p.m. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;"text-align: justify;"> For the last two years, due to corona, people have not been able to visit their beloved Ganaraya on Angarki Chaturthi. But this year, Corona has begun to fade. Government of Maharashtra has started temples. Therefore, by strictly following all the rules of the government, you can go to the Ganpati temple. In any case, the temples may be less crowded this year. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; Get up early this morning and take a shower. After this pray to Ganapati. Lay a clean yellow cloth on the square and place the idol of Lord Ganesha on it. Now sprinkle Ganga water and sanctify the whole place. After this offer water to Ganapati with the help of flowers. Then place the red flower, janhavam, incense, betel leaf, cloves, cardamom and some sweets in the leaf. Then offer modak in coconut and prasadam. Offer 21 Modaks by offering Dakshina to Ganapati. After offering all the ingredients, perform Ganpati Aarti with incense, lamp and incense.

– Worship Ganapati in the evening.
– Tell or listen to fasting story.
– Offer half to the moon Chant.
– Fast throughout the day. Release after moonrise.

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