Amazingly, doctors operated on the baby’s heart while still in the mother’s womb – that’s how big the heart was

Amazingly, doctors operated on the baby’s heart while still in the mother’s womb – that’s how big the heart was

Medical science is breaking new ground. More advanced treatments have come into play to save human life. Not only is modern science available to detect health defects in the baby before it is even born, but surgeries are also available to fix the problem.  AIIMS doctors in our national capital surprised everyone by performing a rare operation. A heart operation was performed on the unborn child in the mother’s womb. That child’s heart is the size of a grape. They operated on such a small heart for 90 seconds and for one and a half minutes. The surgery was successful. PM Modi appreciated the doctors of AIIMS.

A woman suffered three miscarriages in the past. She got pregnant again at the age of 28. But the doctors said that the unborn child’s heart is not healthy. But she said she wanted the child. The doctors said that if the child is to survive, a heart operation is needed. The mother-to-be agreed to that. 

"While the baby is still in the mother’s womb, some types of serious heart disease can be diagnosed. Treatment of some diseases in the womb may also improve the health of the baby after birth" The team of doctors explained. The cardiology department, cardiac anesthesia and gynecology doctors together performed this operation successfully. 

According to the doctors, the blood supply to the baby’s heart is not going well. This causes blockage in the blood vessels. During the ultrasound procedure, the doctors inserted the needle directly into the baby’s heart from the mother’s stomach. A balloon catheter was then used to open the blocked valve to improve blood flow. Blood circulation is normal. Doctors said they are hopeful that the baby’s heart will develop well. They said that this operation had to be done very quickly, that’s why they completed the work in one and a half minutes. The doctors said that the health of both the pregnant baby and the mother is stable. 

In fact, if heart problems are detected in the pregnant babies, the doctors advise to undergo an abortion.  

Proud of India’s doctors for their dexterity and innovation.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 15, 2023

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