Alert for those who sleep late at night, these diseases are likely to come sooner

Adults say to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. It is said to be very good for health. But how many people are getting up early in these modern times? How many sleep before nine at night? To say the least. This is a warning to those who stay up late at night and go to sleep after twelve o’clock. They are more prone to diabetes and heart disease than others. A new study confirms this. In that study…researchers say late sleepers have a reduced ability to use fat for energy. This causes fat to accumulate in the body. Due to this, cholesterol in the blood can also increase and cause blockages in the blood vessels. So there is a possibility of heart disease in the near future. Also, the risk of type 2 diabetes also increases. 

Insulin affects…
Circadian rhythm…doesn’t know what it means. Our brain has a biological clock. It sets our daily bedtime and wake up time. That means if you go to sleep at ten o’clock every night… you will definitely fall asleep at that time. Sleeping and waking up according to the timings set in the biological clock are called the ‘circadian rhythm’ is called If these timings change daily, the circadian rhythm is disrupted. This affects the way our body uses insulin. This was stated by researchers from Rutgers University in America. 

The study is like this…
The early sleepers and the late sleepers were divided into two groups. They were observed for a few days. Their eating habits, exercise and body strength were all examined. However, it was found that people who have a habit of falling asleep early while working or exercising, use more energy than those who sleep late. Fat consumption in their body is also high. That means they are less prone to obesity. Also the risk of fat accumulation in the blood is less. But in late sleepers, fat loss was found. They also have high insulin resistance. Insulin is needed to lower blood glucose levels. Due to insulin resistance, their blood sugar level increases. This increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Therefore, the chances of heart disease and diabetes increase in those who sleep late at night. 

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