After Holi, if alcohol or cannabis intoxication is still troubling you, do these home remedies

After Holi, if alcohol or cannabis intoxication is still troubling you, do these home remedies

How To Get Rid Of Bhang Hangover: There is a lot of practice of eating cannabis in the fun of Holi. Some people eat bhang after adding it to Thandai, while some people eat it after adding it to Gujiya. It is okay to eat a little cannabis for fun, but if someone consumes it excessively, it becomes very dangerous for the health. It becomes very difficult to take it off. Once the intoxication goes away, then the person has no control over himself. This also causes many problems. like lethargy, headache,  vomiting,  Dizziness and work is also affected by it, in such a situation, if you have also consumed cannabis heavily in Holi or your friends or any member of the household has consumed cannabis and is not taking the name of getting intoxicated, then we will tell you something. Telling home tips, with the help of which you can get rid of hangover. Know about these tips.

Consumption of sour things-To get rid of the intoxication of cannabis, you should consume sour things. It is considered beneficial for getting rid of intoxication. Because antioxidants are present in sour things which neutralize the chemicals that increase intoxication. In this case, drink lemon water, lick lemon, sweet lime juice, orange juice or lemon pickle. Due to this, the intoxication will go away soon. Tamarind is also a sour substance, it can be consumed to get rid of intoxication. For this, keep tamarind soaked in a bowl, then churn it and take out the water. Now mix jaggery in this water and drink it, it will remove intoxication quickly.

Consumption of coconut water- You can also consume coconut water. Like citrus fruits, antioxidants are also found in coconut water, which eliminate the effects of chemicals released from drugs.

Consumption of ginger-Consumption of ginger can also neutralize the intoxication of cannabis. For this peel a piece of ginger. Now keep it in the mouth and suck it slowly. Even with this, the intoxication can end slowly. If you want, you can also make ginger tea and drink it.

Desi ghee-If someone has lost a lot of intoxication, then give him desi ghee. By doing this, vomiting will start and gradually the intoxication of cannabis will go away.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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