A study shows how many benefits parents watch TV with their children

Adults don’t watch cartoons that kids watch, kids can’t watch movies that adults watch. There are very few programs coming as seen by both. Both can watch singing competitions and dance programs together. A new study suggests that parents are better off watching TV shows with their children for a while. A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology examined the effect of too much TV viewing on young children’s cognitive development, according to a new study. . Not only TV, but mobile viewing was also studied. As part of that study, researchers analyzed 478 studies. The study says that their screen time can be detrimental to their language development and executive functioning. 

Dr. Eszter Somogi from the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth said. "We have heard that screen exposure is very bad for children, it can cause serious damage to their development. But in this research we have also focused on the quality of the programs they watch and the way they watch. Explained. 

If there are parents…
Studies say that the parents also sit next to them while they are watching TV. Doing so can make screen time more beneficial for children, the study suggests. Because at that time children are likely to ask parents some questions (regarding the program). Their brains do not work much when they see themselves alone. The impact of TV on children’s cognitive development is high. So if parents sit aside for a while, children’s screen time becomes beneficial. The study concluded that coviewing (watching together) helps children develop communication skills. 

Parents may not be able to watch with children for long periods of the day. But watching TV with them at least for a while during the day is very beneficial. At that time the questions asked by them should be answered accurately. ‘com&watch TV’,‘don’talk’ There are no benefits in saying things like that.  

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