A boyfriend who urinates on his girlfriend’s handbag – an unexpected verdict from the court

There is love in everyone’s life. Boys will do anything for girls when they are in love. They try to bring a monkey on the hill. Girlfriend’s happiness.. Boys think their happiness. They buy good gifts on birthdays, lovers’ days, that day, this day, some day. They look amazing. But.. it is enough that there is a difference and a breakup.. all the affection before that is merged in Ganga. I did that for you.. I did this.. I mean boy… The girl says who wants to do it. The love between the two turns into a bit of hatred. That anger leads somewhere.

Anger that is not love sometimes leads to many mishaps. We have seen many incidents where girls are brutally killed for love. We have heard of girls attacking boys..  Recently, a young man was angry with his ex-girlfriend  The work done.. brought a big headache.

A 31-year-old young man from Seoul, South Korea.. fell in love with a girl. The girl also said okay to her love. For some time they moved together. The tribe enjoyed parks and movies. After some time there were small quarrels between them. Slowly they got bigger. They broke up thinking that they could not be with each other. On this occasion, there was a big fight between the two. The young man swayed in anger. Immediately went into the house.. in the bedroom belonging to the girl  Expensive Louis Vuitton Bag‌ brought out. He threw it down and stomped on it.. He poured urine on it. The designer takes revenge by destroying the bag. Immediately she filed a complaint against the young man to the police.

The police reached the spot and registered a case on the incident. The young man was questioned. At first he said he did not urinate on the bag. Did not accept the mistake. In this background, the police sent the bag for testing. The test revealed that he had urinated on the bag. The DNA in the urine matched his DNA. The police have placed the investigation report and the lab report before the court. As the case was proved, the court ordered the young man to pay her 1.5 million South Korean Won (roughly Rs. 90 thousand rupees in Indian currency). This incident took place last year. After about a year of investigation, the court announced the final verdict. Now this news is going viral on social media. 

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