7th September 2022 Important Events : 7 September special day, know the important events


7th September 2022 Important Events: Various festivals have ended in the month of August and started in the month of September. Ganapati has arrived in the month of September. Lord Ganesha is seated in every house. Also Pitrupaksha fortnight also falls in this month. Apart from this, we are going to know what other important days are there through this. So let’s know the special day of September 7.

September 1 to 7 : National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week is observed every year from September 1 to September 7 to create awareness among the Indian public about nutrition and healthy eating habits. This week is observed to make people understand the importance of nutritious and healthy eating habits.

September 7 – Vamana Jayanti 

According to the almanac, among the tithis of the year, the tithi that has gained special importance is Bhadrapada Shuddha Dwadashi. Vamana, the fifth avatar of Vishnu, is believed to have been born on Bhadrapada Dwadashi. Hence Bhadrapada is celebrated as Vamana Jayanti with pure duality.

1791 : Birth of Umaji Naik, the first revolutionary of Maharashtra who challenged the British rule.

Raje Umaji Naik was the first proto-revolutionary of Maharashtra who fought against the British to bring independence to India. Even before the uprising of 1857, many uprisings took place through the first uprising that left the British on the run for 14 consecutive years and first of all, those who dreamed of revolution Maharashtra‘s dark-chested hero became the proto-revolutionary Narveer. That is ‘Raje Umaji Naik’.

1822 : Birth of Indian physician, Sanskrit scholar Bhau Daji Lad alias Ramakrishna Vitthal Lad.

Dr. Ramakrishna Vitthal Lad alias Bhau Daji Lad was a Marathi history-scholar, researcher, social worker and expert doctor. Gyan Prasarak Sabha was developed by Dr Bhau Daji Lad. In 1866, Dadabhai Nauroji founded the East India Association in London. In 1869, it established a branch in Bombay. The president of the Mumbai branch was Bhau Daji Lad.

1887 : Birthday of Sahitya Akademi Award and Padma Vibhushan awardee of eminent Indian Sanskrit scholar and great philosopher Sanskrit-Tantra scholar, Indian scientist and philosopher Gopinath Kaviraj.

1906 : Establishment of ’Bank of India 

Bank of India is an Indian nationalized bank. This bank was established on 7th September, AD. It took place on 1906. After nationalization of this bank in the year 1969, this bank became government owned. It is the first indigenous commercial bank established in India.  Headquartered in Mumbai, the bank had 5,100 branches at the beginning of 2017. 

1933 : Birth of Ila Ramesh Bhatt.

1933 : Ila Ramesh Bhatt is a co-operative organizer, activist and Gandhian. Ila Ramesh Bhatt founded the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India in 1972. She served as its General Secretary from 1972 to 1996 and is now the current Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapitha.

1947 : religious riots in India 

This day in history is known as the beginning of communal riots between Hindus and Muslims in India. Many historians argue that religious violence in independent India is a remnant of the British government’s colonial policy of divide and rule. in which the authorities pushed Hindus and Muslims against each other. 

1963 : Neerja Bhanot born.

Neerja Bhanot was a flight attendant at Pan Am’s Mumbai division. She died while rescuing passengers during the hijacking of Pan Am 73 on September 5, 1986. Neerja Bhanot was an Indian entertainer. She sacrificed her life in 1986 and saved 400 lives with her intelligence and was martyred at the age of 23. She became India’s youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra Medal for Gallantry. She was awarded (posthumously) the Ashok Chakra, India’s highest civilian gallantry award. Neerja is the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra.

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