Your Android phone can be unlocked without fingerprinting, this video is warning

Fingerprint scanner is available for authentication in almost all Android smartphones, but questions have been raised about its security. Once again a development has come to the fore raising the concern of Android users. A security researcher has shared a video showing that fingerprint authentication can be bypassed due to a bug in Android smartphones.

The new bug has been reported by a security researcher named David Schatz and he showed how Android phones can be unlocked without authentication using a simple trick and it could have a direct impact on users. However, this flaw has now been fixed by Google.

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Phone was unlocked like this without fingerprint

The researcher said that unlocking an Android smartphone with the current drawback requires an extra SIM in addition to the device, which is locked with the help of a PIN. After putting this SIM in the phone, the wrong PIN had to be entered three times.

After doing this the SIM card would get locked and PUK code would be asked for. After entering the PUK code supplied with the SIM card, the device could be power-on and the lock-screen would not be shown. The researcher tried this trick on the Google Pixel device, but such a threat may be present on other phones as well.

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The problem has been fixed by Google

It has come to the fore that a security fix for this flaw has been released by Google and users should keep their device’s software updated. David has been given a reward of $70,000 (about Rs 5,60,000) for reporting the flaw.

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