You will get the land map sitting at home in Bihar, you will be able to order online

The people of Bihar will now get the land map sitting at home. Bihar has become the first state in the country to implement the system of ordering online maps of villages and towns. In view of the importance of correct maps in resolving land disputes, door step delivery will be done to provide digital maps. It started on Tuesday in a program organized at the Revenue (Survey) Training Institute located in Shastrinagar. People can order a total of 1,35,865 maps available in Bihar Survey Office, Gulzarbagh by applying online. In this, the maximum number of 73,086 maps are related to Cadastral Survey.

Minister of Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Alok Kumar Mehta said that the launch of door step delivery of revenue maps by the Directorate of Land Records and Perimeter, Bihar, Patna is a commendable step. This will help in removing the problem of land dispute and will reduce unnecessary hassle regarding availability of maps. In this arrangement, the possibility of unnecessary delay and corruption will also be eliminated.

The amount will be paid through the payment gateway

Payment will be done through payment gateway. All major banks are connected with this facility. Payment can be made through Debit/Credit cards of all major banks. Banks will not charge a separate charge for this service. Security audit has also been done. Along with the payment, you will get the acknowledgment receipt on the computer screen, which can be preserved for future reference.

Application to be made on Directorate’s website

To order the map, one has to go to the directorate’s site and click on the door step delivery icon. Then you will have to order and pay for the map of your fun online. One sheet map will be available for Rs 285. This includes container fees and postage. Can order 5 sheets in one container at a time. The map will be packed in a round and sturdy box of code.

Postal department will send to your home by speed post

MoU has been signed with the Department of Posts for door step delivery. The maps will be delivered by speed post. It is mandatory to put a bar code generated sticker on every container. Postage charges will be according to the weight of the map. The cost of one container is 35 and a maximum of 5 maps will be packed in a container. The postage fee of container including 3 maps is fixed at Rs 100 and for more than three maps Rs 150.

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