World record will be made on Bihu, 11 thousand artists will dance together; PM Modi will also be a witness

Rongali Bihu celebrations are going to create history this time in Assam. According to the information, there is a preparation to make a world record in the program to be held in Guwahati on 14 April. In this program, 11000 artists will participate in Bihu dance. Apart from this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be present in this program. The event will be organized at the Assam Kesurajai Indoor Stadium. Governors, Chief Ministers, diplomats from G20 and ASEAN countries have also been invited to the event.

world record will be made

Rongali or Bohag Bihu is celebrated in Assam, Manipur and parts of Bengal on 14 and 15 April to mark the beginning of the Assamese New Year. Actually Bihu is celebrated three times in Assam. Bhogali Bihu happens in January. This is followed by Rongali Bihu in April and Kongali Bihu in October. These festivals depend on the crop cycle. On the occasion of Bihu, Til Peetha, Murir Laddu, Poka Mathoi, Narikolor Laddu are made.

According to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, this will be the first time that so many artists will perform folk dance together at one place. This program will be of only 15 minutes but a lot of arrangements have been made in it. 70 percent of the participants are women and 30 percent will be men. Apart from this, there should be instruments like Dhol, Taal, Gogona, Toka, Pipa and Jutuli in the instruments. Artists have done online registration to participate. His experience has also been seen in this.

Ranjit Gogoi has prepared this entire dance. He said, in February we had made a model video of model choreography. After this, one master from all the districts was trained. Workshops were conducted in all the districts from March 27 to March 31. After this, now all the artists will gather at one place.

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