Woman news anchor suffered a stroke in live TV show, VIDEO of the incident will surprise

In the current lifestyle, the cases of heart attack and stroke are increasing rapidly. The most troublesome thing is that even the youth are now falling prey to them very fast. One such case has come to the fore in America. Where, an American television news anchor suffered a stroke during a live telecast. When the female anchor suffered a stroke, she was giving information about the rocket being sent by the American Space Agency NASA on the Artemis mission.

It was a good coincidence that anchor Julie Chin realized in time that she had suffered a stroke. He immediately hands over the bulletin to the team of the Meteorological Department. Now the video of this whole matter is catching everyone’s attention on social media. In the video you can see how Julie Jin’s voice starts to falter in the middle of the news. Meanwhile, he realizes that he is in the grip of a stroke.

Anchor said it is happening with me since morning

As soon as the female news anchor realizes the stroke, she says during the live itself, I am sad, something is happening to me since this morning. I apologize to all. Let’s go ahead and turn to meteorologist Annie Brown. After this he handed over the show to the team of the Meteorological Department. The video of this entire incident has been shared by a user named Mike Sington. You can also watch its video below.

Users told how is the situation at present

Sington explained in her tweet that the anchor actually suffered an early stroke while she was on air. She knew something was going wrong, so she handed it over to the meteorological team. His colleagues then called 911. She is doing well for now and wants to share with her viewers about the early symptoms of stroke.

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