Winter can be colder than every year, this time Delhi’s winter, minimum temperature reached 7.5 degree Celsius

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Scientists from the Meteorological Department of India have reported that the capital city of Delhi is likely to get colder than normal days this year, scientists said that the weather events of the Pacific Ocean are known as La Nina, due to which winter In the months of May, the global weather is affected. During La Niña, temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean drop below normal levels and can affect weather in distant areas, triggering wind patterns. It is associated with colder than normal winters in northwestern India.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s Regional Weather Forecasting Center (RWFC) said, “Both the maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be around 2-2.5 degrees Celsius below normal this entire season. Also, since winter is already beginning with a low temperature, the minimum temperature is likely to fall to 10.6 degrees Celsius. The 10 degree temperature is usually after 20 December. The maximum temperature will start falling in early December. He explained “When there are no clouds, the ground cools rapidly and the minimum temperature is low.”

Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 7.5 degrees Celsius on Friday, five degrees below normal and the lowest in November in 14 years. On Saturday, it was 8.5 ° C, while the maximum was at 24.6 ° C. In the immediate days, Srivastava said the minimum is expected to fall further to 7 ° C on Sunday before the Western Disturbance on 23 November. Once it has passed, the day and night will be cold again.

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VK Soni of IMD’s Environmental Monitoring Research Center said, “When global conditions like La Nina are prevailing, areas in northwest India have a tendency to cool down.” Sony said that at present, the dip in mercury is accompanied by strong winds that help blow pollutants but wind speeds after November 23 are likely to reduce and trigger air quality deterioration. On Saturday, the average wind speed was around 16–17 km per hour, and the wind was 251 at 4 pm with a 24-hour average air quality index in the area.

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