Will you jump into the political arena after the peasant movement? Know the answer of Rakesh Tikait

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Moving on all the borders of Delhi against the three new agricultural laws of the Center Peasant movement There is a continuous debate in the country about After the violence in Delhi on 26 January, the movement felt that the movement would slow down now but after this, Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union took over and now he has become the main face of the movement. He has said that the movement will end only when the government withdraws all three laws. Meanwhile, Rakesh Tikait has also answered the question asked about his chances of getting into politics.

Rakesh Tikait, in a news channel Aaj Tak program, in response to a question about the speculation being put up to contest elections, said, “I do not netagiri, I am a farmer. Farmers do not mean netagiri means the law guarantee on MSP enough.” Adding to this, he said, “There is no intention of contesting further. I am fond of driving tractors, I drive tractors all day during the sowing days. The first time I contested as an Independent, the second time I contested from RLD but both Only time the bail was confiscated. ”

Apart from this, Rakesh Tikait, while speaking on the Prime Minister’s statement on the distance of a call, said that the Prime Minister says that he is at a distance of a call. We do not know their number. They give us their number. The government has our number.

Rakesh Tikait, the National Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, is one of the prominent leaders of the movement, but in the meantime, after the violence during the tractor rally on January 26, when the movement started slowing down and the government tightened security to remove the agitating farmers from Ghazipur border. She did it. In such a situation, Rakesh Tikait made serious allegations against the government and administration for breaking the movement and forcibly evacuating the site of the movement. During this, he got emotional in front of the media and wept.

This move of Tikait turned the dice and farmers flocked to Ghazipur border overnight mainly from western UP and several parts of Haryana. Since then, Rakesh Tikait has been seen to be the face of a kind of peasant movement.