Will the statement of Swami Prasad, a terrorist who roams in the guise of a monk, create ruckus again?

Will the statement of Swami Prasad, a terrorist who roams in the guise of a monk, create ruckus again?

SP leader and former minister Swami Prasad Maurya, who is often in discussion with controversial statements, has once again given a controversial statement. Swami’s statement regarding saints and sages can bring an earthquake in politics. Swami, who attacked saints and saints, said, a conspiracy was hatched to kill him after giving a statement regarding Ramcharitmanas. Not only this, it was also announced to give a reward to those who brought their tongue, hand and head. Swamy said, even a reward of Rs 21 lakh, 51 lakh and 51 crore was announced to those who brought his head. He said, people making such announcements are not saints, they are terrorist faces wearing saffron clothes. Swami further said, the country will run by the constitution and not by the statement of any baba.

Speaking in a program organized at the Ram Prasad Kushwaha Memorial Inter College Cantonment Line campus of Ghazipur, Swami Prasad said, when he objected to some chaupai of Ramcharit Manas, he started receiving death threats. He said, no one can be called lowly under the guise of religion. During this, Swamy also made a tweet, in which it was written, the people demanding Hindu nation are enemies of the nation and anti-constitution because on the one hand they are again sowing the seeds of division of the country due to the demand of Hindu nation, on the other hand By talking against the constitution, they are also insulting the constitution. The people of the country have to be careful with such people.

Swami got angry on Dhirendra Shastri as well

Swami Prasad Maurya also got angry at Baba Dhirendra Shastri, Peethadhishwar of Bageshwar Dham, during a conversation with the media in a program organized in Ghazipur. The sound of the clouds cannot be drowned out by the buzzing of mosquitoes and flies, he said. He further said, if thousands of people speak in Nakkar Khana, not Baba, Tuti’s voice, then the people of the country will not take cognizance.

Buddha’s thoughts have become more relevant in the present

Buddha’s thoughts were relevant in the past as well and have become even more relevant in today’s environment. All of us will be benefited only by the recitation of Panchsheel and the eight-fold path told by him. The message of humanity can be given. With the messages of Mercury, not only India but the whole world can be tied in one thread. Our country can again become a world guru. Shakya, who was a minister in the Government of Nepal, said that India-Nepal relations can only be shaped by the thoughts of Mercury. Cooperation can also be made in each other’s progress. State President Dr. Ravindra Maurya discussed the relevance of Lord Gautam Buddha’s threats in present India. One can rise above caste and creed and be filled with the virtues of humanity. Former MLA Umashankar Kushwaha said that Buddha’s Dhamma is as relevant today as it was two and a half thousand years ago. The feeling of malice spreading in the society can be done only by following the path of Kant Buddha.

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