Will Taiwan pay the price for Pelosi’s arrival? Frightened dragon can take these 6 aggressive steps

Despite all the threats from China, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi reached Taiwan. With this, the mercury of the dragon has gone up. As the time for Pelosi’s arrival in China drew closer, China’s aggression was increasing. In the midst of all this, Nancy landed on Taiwanese soil amidst the security of 13 American aircraft and talked about the rights of the Taiwanese people. At the same time, China has threatened America of dire consequences. Let us tell you that only last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a warning to his American counterpart Joe Biden on a phone call. He had said in gestures that those who play with fire get burnt.

1. Infiltration of Taiwan’s airspace

China will now try to put more pressure on Taiwan. For this, he has taken steps like violating and infiltrating Taiwan’s airspace. In October last year, the Chinese military flew 56 planes over Taiwan. Incidentally, military exercises were going on there under the leadership of America at the same time. At the same time, in November last year, when the US Congress delegation reached there, 15 Chinese military aircraft took off from the eastern side of Taiwan. Now after the arrival of Nancy Pelosi, China can once again adopt the tricks of pressure in this way.

2. Attempt to provoke Taiwan

China can also try to provoke it by flying its fighter planes over Taiwan. This is indicated by the news coming in the Chinese media. The Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper has suggested China to fly military aircraft over Taiwan. By doing so, the Taiwanese government will be bound to decide whether to shoot down these planes or not? Significantly, the Taiwanese Defense Minister last year warned Chinese planes that the closer they come, the stronger we will attack.

China provoked by Pelosi’s visit, Dragon will launch missiles around Taiwan; PLA in preparation for live-fire drills
3. Missile Test Close to Taiwan

In the year 1995, when America and Taiwan were coming to the curry, even then the anger of China was very much raging about it. Then he even did a missile test near this island. In fact, then US President Bill Clinton allowed Taiwan’s first parliamentaryly elected President Lee Teng-hui to come to America. At the same time, when the US Navy exercise was going on in August 2020, the PLA had fired ballistic missiles in the South China Sea.

4. Financial Troubles

China is Taiwan’s largest trading partner. After Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China can create economic problems for her. It can ban imports or boycott Taiwanese products. Apart from this, bilateral trade can also be banned. On Monday, China banned the import of food from more than 100 Taiwanese suppliers. Although it has a dependence on Taiwan for semiconductors, it should be expected that it will take a decision only after careful consideration. Apart from this, China has also banned many Taiwanese leaders from coming there. In changing circumstances, he can increase this scope of restrictions further.

5. Diplomatic Opposition

On Tuesday itself, the Global Times warned that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could face dire consequences for the Biden administration. This could mean China recalling its ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, who took office only last year. The Chinese Foreign Minister has also indicated this. Let us tell you that in 1995, China has already done this. Then he withdrew his ambassador from there in protest against allowing the then Taiwanese president to visit the US. Last year, China also recalled its ambassador from Lithuania. In fact, Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open offices in its capital in its name, while China wanted the office to be named after Chinese-Taipei.

6. Seizing the Island

With the arrival of Pelosi, China has started tightening the noose on Taiwan. He can also take steps to seize this island. In the early days of the Cold War, the Chinese military bombed Taiwan’s Keimen Island. Then he got American support. Taiwan was also successful in stopping China, but it lost the lives of more than 100 soldiers. Apart from this, Pratas Island, controlled by Taipei, which is about 400 km from Taiwan’s maritime border, is another weak link.

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