Will not tolerate ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ on Shivaji’s soil… CM Eknath Shinde warns

Politics in Maharashtra has heated up over the ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan allegedly raised at the Collectorate building in Pune. After BJP leaders, CM Eknath Shinde has also taken a tough stand regarding this. Shinde bluntly said that strict action will be taken against such people. Such slogans will not be tolerated on Shivaji’s land. However, the administration has denied such sloganeering.

According to the information, on Thursday, the NIA had raided several places of PFI. In protest against this, PFI lodged protests at many places. A video has surfaced on social media. In which it was shown that slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” were allegedly raised during a protest organized by PFI in Pune on Friday. On which a sharp reaction of BJP and Maharashtra government has come to the fore. CM Eknath Shinde has taken cognizance of the matter.

Cannot tolerate Shivaji’s land

CM Eknath Shinde tweeted, “It is not right in Pune to protest the trend of social workers raising slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. The police system will take appropriate action against them. Such slogans will not be tolerated on Shivaji’s soil. Will go.”

BJP leader said – will not be spared

On the other hand, the reaction of BJP leaders has also come to the fore when the matter catches up. BJP MLA Nitesh Rane warned that those allegedly raising pro-Pakistan slogans in Pune should remember that they will not be spared. He also demanded a ban on the Popular Front of India (PFI).

It is worth noting here that Hindustan does not confirm the authenticity of any such video. Rane tweeted, “For those who raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad in support of PFI in Pune.. Chun chun ke maarenge.. remember so much!!!”

Significantly, during the demonstration, the police detained about 40 protesters. Pune Police said that they are probing the matter. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sagar Patil said, “We have already registered a case against PFI members for illegal gathering and we are looking into the matter of sloganeering,” news agency PTI reported.

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