Wife Nupur got angry on Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s trolls, said- first go be yourself

Team India’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the target of critics and trolls these days. His 19th over in the Asia Cup against Pakistan and Sri Lanka proved costly to India and now the first match of the T20 series against Australia also saw something similar. The relationship between Bhuvi and the 19th over has become such, which is weighing heavily on Team India. His wife Nupur Nagar has taken the initiative to answer Bhuvi’s trolls. Nupur has done the job of shutting down the trolls through Instagram Story.

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Nupur wrote in an Instagram story, ‘People are completely rejected these days, they have no work and they are so empty that they have a lot of time to spread hatred and jealousy. My advice to all of them is – no one cares about your words or your being. So spend this time improving yourself, although its scope is very less.

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In the match played on 20 September, Bhuvneshwar Kumar conceded 16 runs in the 19th over, which included a wide ball. Bhuvi is proving to be effective in the initial overs, but in the death overs, he is seen under pressure and Team India is paying the brunt of it. Bhuvi is one of India’s most experienced bowlers and he himself knows how to come out of this phase.

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