Why not wear helmet? Nagaland’s viral minister gave such an answer that people were stunned

Why not wear helmet?  Nagaland’s viral minister gave such an answer that people were stunned

In Nagaland, BJP leader Temjen Imna Along is once again making headlines on social media. Imna has once again wowed the users with her sense of humour. In fact, in a Twitter post, the BJP leader is seen sitting on a Harley-Davidson bike with a man. In the picture, both are seen smiling, but they are not wearing helmets. Imna made a very funny comment on the user’s post regarding this.

Temjen Imna wrote, ‘People will say why not helmet? Brother, you need style to pose! PS: Not to travel without helmet! Internet users liked the talk of the BJP leader. Please tell that more than 10 thousand likes have been received on this tweet. More than 4.3 lakh views have been received on this. It has been retweeted 610 times. Also, people have commented fiercely on this. The comments of many users are also very interesting.

Users made funny comments

A netizen commented on Imna’s post, ‘This photo can be used by Harley-Davidson for advertisements in India.’ Another user wrote in a very simple way, ‘Good pose’. Another person said on this, ‘You are the only good thing left with Twitter.’ Be aware that Temjen Imna is also known for his funny social media posts. He keeps the followers connected with the users with his interesting style. Many of Imna’s tweets have gone viral among users.

‘…this is Temjen’s style’

A few days ago a video of Temjen Imna went viral. In this, he is seen dancing on folk dance. Even more interesting than his dance was the caption of the video. He wrote that ‘this is not Baburao’s style, it is Tejmen’s style’. Let us tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a fan of the tickling style of this minister of Nagaland government. This was revealed by the PM himself during the recently concluded assembly elections.

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