Why is there a ruckus over elephants in Assam and Tamil Nadu? After Madras, now the hearing will be held in Guwahati court

The dispute between the governments of Assam and Tamil Nadu regarding the elephants taken on lease has now reached the courts. The Assam government today filed a petition in the Gauhati High Court after Tamil Nadu refused to return the elephants. There is also controversy among elephants, especially regarding the temple elephant Joymala. Apart from the Gauhati High Court, the case of these elephants is also going on in the Madras High Court. On Thursday, the Tamil Nadu government told the Madras High Court that it would not return the elephants taken from the Assam government. Assam claims that it had leased nine elephants, including Joymala, to Tamil Nadu.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Thursday that the matter would be heard in the Gauhati High Court on Friday. He said, “The elephants are ours. Our case will be heard tomorrow in the Gauhati High Court, if we get a good order, it is fine because the elephants are ours. If the Madras High Court also gives a good decision, that is also fine. We are on the judiciary. are dependent because it has become like a controversy.”

Why is there controversy about elephants?

The controversy erupted after animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a video. The video claimed that Joymala elephant is being brutalized in a temple in Tamil Nadu. Reacting to the video, the Tamil Nadu government said that Joymala is “living very well” and tweeted a video of the elephant herself against PETA’s video.

Tagging the tweet PETA India, the Tamil Nadu government wrote, “Elephant Joymala in Srivilliputhur Andal Temple is living perfectly well. Good care taken by the present team. Bathing facility has also been created. Some fake in social media Videos are circulating. This video was taken today (5.9.22).”

The central government also backed Tamil Nadu’s claim that Joymala was being well looked after. The Ministry of Environment and Forests tweeted that the present team is taking good care of the Jumbo. Following claims of cruelty to the elephant, representatives of the Assam government visited Tamil Nadu to investigate Joymala, but were reportedly denied access to the elephant.

Assam’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests MK Yadav said: “In the petition (filed in the Guwahati High Court), we said that the elephant [जॉयमाला] is ours and we [तमिलनाडु से] asked to return it. There is no legal relationship between ‘Gift’ and ‘Lease’. The elephants were given on lease and it is the duty of the individual to return the animal. we already had them [तमिलनाडु] Appealed to return the elephants.”

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