Why is the Chinese army recruiting those who know Hindi, what is the intention of the dragon

The People’s Liberation Army of China is recruiting such graduate youth these days, who know Hindi. It is believed that the Chinese army is doing this to gather intelligence regarding India and get information about the real border line. According to reports, the Tibet Military District, which comes under the Western Theater Command, had started this recruitment in June this year. The Western Theater Command of the Chinese Army looks after the security of the border with India. The Tibet Military District oversees the security work on the lower part of the LAC, which borders India’s northeastern states and Uttarakhand.

Apart from this, the Xinjiang Military District, which monitors Ladakh, also works under this command. Intelligence inputs state that the Tibet Military District has visited several colleges and universities in China. During this, the students were told how they can have a future in the Chinese Army as a translator of Hindi. Not only this, in the last few months, the PLA has recruited a large number of Tibetan people who can speak Hindi. These people are being deployed on the northern borders with India.

Indian Army also started course on Tibetology and Mandarin

However, India is also preparing to counter the Chinese strategy. Recently, the Indian Army started the course of Tibetology for its soldiers. Not only this, now the Indian Army has also started a course to learn the Mandarin language of China. Recently, Trishakti Corps of the Indian Army tweeted that the first batch of Tibetology course has been successfully completed. Along with this, the army wrote in the caption, ‘Language is a road map for culture’.

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Let us inform that in May, 2020, there was a clash between the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China in Eastern Ladakh. Since then, the Chinese army has increased the recruitment of Tibetans. The reason for this is that Tibetans know a lot about Ladakh. Not only this, the Chinese army is also recruiting Tibetan people as volunteer militia on the border with Sikkim.