Why did the new posting in STF increase the fear of Atiq Ahmed’s family? Who is Anant Dev Tiwari

Why did the new posting in STF increase the fear of Atiq Ahmed’s family?  Who is Anant Dev Tiwari

In Prayagraj, the family of Bahubali Atiq Ahmed, named in the Umesh Pal murder case, is being continuously tightened. On the one hand, STF and police teams are engaged in search of Atiq’s son Asad, while on the other hand preparations are being made to bring Bahubali from Sabarmati Jail to UP. Meanwhile, just a day before Holi, GRP DIG Anant Dev Tiwari has also been given additional responsibility in STF.

Anant Dev Vikas Dubey, known as encounter specialist, came into the limelight after the incident. Many meanings are being extracted for Anant Dev getting the responsibility of STF. Many ministers have openly spoken about overturning the vehicle like in the Vikas Dubey incident. Atiq Ahmed has also filed an application in the court regarding his security. Ateeq’s family is also apprehensive about the safety of Ateeq and his brother Ashraf by coming in front of the media. In such a situation, it is being said that the deployment of Anant Dev has increased the fear of Atiq’s family.

Anand Dev came into limelight after the Vikas Dubey incident

Anant Dev, who established himself as an encounter specialist, came into the limelight after the Vikas Dubey incident in Kanpur. Due to some of his pictures and audios going viral, he got embroiled in controversies. IPS Anant Dev was suspended by the Uttar Pradesh government in November 2020 after the investigation report of the Bikru incident came out.

took direct confrontation with the mafia

PPS officer in 1987 batch Anant Dev Tiwari is originally a resident of Fatehpur district. After getting promotion in the year 2006, he became IPS. From the very beginning of the service, Anant Dev remained an officer passionate about duty. He had a direct confrontation with the big mafias of UP, he was successful in opening many big cases. The fear of punishment never deterred his intentions. This is the reason why today IPS Anant Dev is one of the trustworthy officers in the police force attacking the criminals of the present government.

Made a special identity as soon as he became DSP

After becoming a PPS officer, he was appointed as DSP Etawah in the year 1991. Here he soon made a special identity with his work style. During this time, a certain man from the political point of view got screwed due to criminal activity. He arrested and closed this mafia even after having political influence.

This created a political uproar and as a punishment, Anant Dev was made CO Konch and was camped in the rugged guest house in Banda Chitrakoot in 1993, where he was put on the duty of plucking tendu leaves. It was from here that he got the right motive to join the police force. The terror of the dacoits in this rugged infamous name of Chambal created a thrill within him and he got ready with the intention of destroying the dacoits.

Elimination of Dadua and Thokia

In the year 1994, while working as CO, Anant Dev Tiwari started making plans along with collecting information to confront the dreaded dacoit Dadua. After many times he was removed from the rugged area, but luck kept taking him to the same area again and again and finally on July 22, 2007, when STF led by SSP Amitabh Yash, ASP Anant Dev along with the entire team was combing in search of Dadua’s gang in the rugged. Were doing, here the end of the story of terror of infamous dacoit Shivkumar alias Dadua was written.

After this, in August 2008, the STF team headed by Anant Dev killed Dadua’s disciple, a dacoit with a reward of six lakhs, and his disciple Ambika Patel alias Thokia in an encounter in Silkhori forest. After the encounter of Dadua and Thokiya, they were even called Yamraj of criminals and big dacoits and criminals were in awe of them. The record of killing more than 100 big criminals in the encounter list has been registered in his name.

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