Why did Prashant Kishor share pictures of Nitish Kumar standing in front of PM Modi with folded hands, then deleted

The war of words between Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishor now seems to be turning into a Twitter war as well. Nitish Kumar had accused PK that he was probably helping the BJP. After this, PK hit back at Nitish Kumar and said that he has become old and he will know everything in a year. Not only this, he had said that if Nitish Kumar fulfills the promise of 10 lakh jobs, then I will leave all work and join him. Not only this, on Friday morning, he also attacked Nitish Kumar through some pictures. However, he deleted this tweet within about half an hour.

Without any caption, Prashant Kishor had tweeted 4 pictures, in which Nitish Kumar was seen standing in front of PM Modi with folded hands. It is believed that Prashant Kishor has responded to Nitish Kumar’s allegation through these pictures, in which he had said that he is helping the BJP. Nitish Kumar had said that Prashant Kishor is a publicity expert and he is probably working to help the BJP. Nitish Kumar had said that what statement Prashant Kishor gives, it has no meaning. He probably wants to stay with the BJP. Maybe he wants to help them.

Actually Prashant Kishor had commented on Nitish Kumar’s decision to leave the NDA and join the Grand Alliance. PK had said that this decision of Nitish will not have any effect across the country. Its effect will be seen in Bihar only. Not only this, he had said that such a shift will also affect the image of Nitish Kumar. He had said that the credibility of Nitish Kumar is being affected. We can understand this in such a way that there is a continuous decline in the seats of JDU. Since 2005, the number of JDU seats has come down from 115 to 43.

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