Why did Himanta Biswa Sarma enter the election battle of Karnataka, demand increased like Yogi

Why did Himanta Biswa Sarma enter the election battle of Karnataka, demand increased like Yogi

The dates for the Karnataka assembly elections have not been announced yet. But the BJP does not want to lose this stronghold of the South under any circumstances. It is said that the way to the south of the BJP goes through Karnataka only. This is the reason why leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP National President JP Nadda are on stormy tours. Apart from these top leaders, Himanta Biswa Sarma has reached Karnataka twice within the last one week. Like Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Himanta Biswa Sarma is also in great demand in election states. This ‘General’ of Amit Shah in Karnataka attracted everyone’s attention through his statements in the first two rounds. is drawn towards you. But the question is arising that what message does the BJP want to give by fielding Himanta in the battle of Karnataka?

What is Himanta doing in the South?

Anurag Naidu, who monitors the politics of South India, says about Himanta’s visit to Karnataka, “Election dates have not been announced yet. In such a situation, BJP is testing all possibilities. Himanta’s coming to Karnataka is related to the same strategy. ” Anurag explains, “BJP is moving forward in Karnataka with the help of hard Hindutva. The atmosphere created by Savarkar Yatra, Tipu Sultan controversy, murder of BJP workers, PFI ban, BJP is giving it more air with the help of leaders like Himanta ”

Regarding Himanta’s visit to Karnataka, Dr. Mahendra Singh, a teacher in the Department of Politics at Gorakhpur University, says, “Karnataka has been the laboratory of BJP’s Hindutva politics. But after Yeddurappa’s exit, there has been a vacuum. Which is called aggressive Hindutva and Modi’s approach.” There is an attempt to fill it with the help of leadership. The way Himanta is giving statements after becoming the Chief Minister of Assam. He is liking the aggressive Hindutva politics of BJP. Efforts are being made to take advantage of the same in Karnataka.”

Himanta reached Karnataka for the second time in a week

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has visited Karnataka twice within a week. In his first visit, he visited the Doda Basaveshwara Temple in Bellary. The poets of Koppal district went to the Siddheshwar Math. Did a roadshow for the party in Kanakagiri. During this he gave a statement that Narendra Modi is doing the same work that Hanuman ji had done in Tretayug. Once upon a time there used to be Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, today Ram Mandir is being built there during Modi ji’s time. Himanta once again reached Karnataka on Thursday. This time he has inaugurated a light and sound show based on Chhatrapati Shivaji in Belagavi. During this, he once again appeared in his familiar style.

Regarding the statements made regarding the CM’s impact on the Karnataka tour, Joyjit Hazarika, Assistant Professor at B. Barua College, Guwahati, says, “Himanta Biswa Sarma is not an ordinary leader. Before making any statement, he should understand its meaning and impact. His statements and actions are always spoken and done keeping in mind the long term. This is the reason why the BJP top leadership is sending him to the South.”

“BJP is thinking far away”

On the other hand, Dr. Gyanendra Burman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Cotton University, says, “The BJP has been accused of being a cow belt or Hindi belt party. But the circumstances have changed rapidly in 2014. The BJP knows that if it If the Hindi belt party does not respond properly to the allegations, then it may suffer in future. This is the reason why Himanta is being forwarded. That message reaches far and wide.”

The election results will tell how successful the BJP’s Himanta bet was in the battle of Karnataka. But BJP is leaving no stone unturned. BJP knows that this time the battle of Karnataka is not going to be easy.

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