Why Corona case increased in Delhi? The Central Government said in the Supreme Court – Kejriwal Government lax

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The central government has held the Delhi government responsible for the growing cases of Kovid in the national capital Delhi. The central government said in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court that due to Delhi Government’s laxity, Corona cases have increased in Delhi.

In an affidavit filed before Justice Ashok Bhushan’s bench on Friday, the central government said that despite all the warnings, the Delhi government did not take effective measures to control the epidemic. The state government gave all advertisements, including prevention of dengue, but there was not a single advertisement about Kovid.

The Center said that 62 per cent infections have been reported in eight union territories and states including Delhi and deaths have also gone up to 61 per cent here. The Center said that the flaws of the Delhi government were revealed in the meeting held on 11.11.20.

Effective steps to prevent infection were not taken
The Delhi government knew that the onset of winter, festive season and pollution is likely to increase the cases. Despite this information, no preventive measures were taken. The central government said that the Delhi government kept doing regular advertisements for the prevention of dengue but did not do any publicity for Kovid. People were not told to take safety measures.

Delhi government was warned by the High Power Committee. The committee, headed by the NITI Aayog, told the Delhi government that 15,000 cases should be ready to come every day and 6500 ICU beds should be ready. But the Delhi government did not take any action on this recommendation and kept the number of these beds to 3500 only. This suddenly increased the pressure on health and medical infrastructure in Delhi.

Despite all calls by the Center, the Delhi government did not increase the testing capacity, especially RT PCR, and it has been running for 20,000 tests for a long time. Central health measures such as door-to-door survey, contact tracing, cervantine and clinical management were not carried out in a proper way which accelerated infection. Patients who were in home isolation did not trace them properly nor did their tracing of their contacts be effective.

The Center said that seeing the situation deteriorating, the Union Home Ministry held an early meeting on November 15 and issued instructions. Now the testing will be doubled to 60000 by November 30 and Rapid Antigen will also be reduced to 60000.

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