Why are you roaming with a non-Muslim at night… and 50-60 boys started beating you; VIDEO VIRAL

Why are you roaming with a non-Muslim at night… and 50-60 boys started beating you;  VIDEO VIRAL

For the past few days, the tension between two different communities is increasing in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. A girl who had gone to watch the film ‘The Kerala Story’ lodged a complaint against her Muslim boyfriend alleging forced conversion and rape. A few days after this incident, controversial pamphlets against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal were distributed in front of mosques. Referring to the ‘saffron love trap’, the pamphlet accused the RSS and the Bajrang Dal of ensnaring Muslim girls. After these two incidents, a video started going viral on social media on Friday. In the video, a Muslim girl is sitting on a scooty with one of her friends. Dozens of boys surround them both. The angry crowd is objecting to the two friends walking together. The mob also assaulted the boy. Along with this, the people who came to save both were also attacked with knives. Let’s understand the whole case…

Actually, this video going viral is from Thursday night. In Indore’s Tukoganj police station area, a Muslim girl had gone to eat food in a hotel with her Hindu friend. Both study in a medical college. The girl and her friend were returning after having dinner. That’s why dozens of boys from the Muslim community stopped him.

What in viral video?

In the video going viral, it can be seen that the girl and her friends are sitting on a yellow scooty. The crowd has surrounded them from all sides. The girl is wearing hijab. A boy asks a girl, ‘Where are you from? What is this boy’s name? What are you doing so late in the night?’ Only then some people start beating the young man. On this, the rest of the boys present there say that ‘no one will kill him’. There is no mistake in this.

asked many questions to the girl

One of the boys in the crowd makes a video of the girl and asks ‘Why are you walking with her at night? That’s why your family members freed you? If you had to go out to eat, there would be no online ordering? You have to go and eat with a non-Muslim? You are wearing Hijab but you are not following Islam. You understand it well. After this, the boys present there started fighting with the young man. However, it can also be heard in the video that some boys are refusing to fight.

attack on rescuers

While seeing this fight, two passers-by named Yash and Himanshu went to save both the scooty riders. According to Yash, on Thursday night he was going home with his friend Himanshu. He saw that hundreds of people were surrounding the two friends riding a scooty. Yash and Himanshu try to save both. After the ruckus, Yash was going home with his friend when a young man named Shoaib attacked him with a knife. Both were injured in this attack. After this incident, the police have registered a case.

CM took cognizance of the matter

Taking cognizance of the Tukoganj incident, the CM of the state Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the accused should be arrested immediately. The entire police department of Indore got involved in arresting the accused. Two accused have been arrested by the police. At the same time, the police have registered a case against 7 accused. Additional DCP Rajesh Raghuvanshi said that after getting the information about the incident, the police personnel are engaged in finding the accused since late night. Muslim youths are being told of Azad Nagar and Gwaltoli police station area.

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