Why are the Muslims of the world angry with French President Emmanuel Macron? Ruckus in Islamic countries, boycott of goods

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These days, Muslims including Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran are extremely angry with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. Demonstrations are being held everywhere, effigies of macros are being burnt. Many Islamic countries are considering breaking diplomatic relations when French products are being boycotted. After all, what will happen? Why are Muslims so angry with Macros? Let us explain the whole thing in detail. But before that, we know how to create a ruckus in Islamic countries.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized Macron, saying that the French President should undergo a mental check on his attitude towards Islam. The leaders of Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, are in a similar fashion to Macro, while thousands of people in Bangladesh, Palestine, took to the streets and demonstrated a boycott of French goods.

Iran summoned French ambassador
Iran’s foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador, angered by Macron’s statements about Islam and Muslims. An Iranian Foreign Ministry official said that the objection was expressed to Macron’s statement in front of the ambassador and that the Prophet of Islam and the principles of Islam would not be accepted as an insult, regardless of the position it held.

Saudi Arabia condemned, proposal passed in Pakistani parliament
Saudi Arabia has said that it condemns Prophet Mohammad’s attempt to make cartoons and link Islam to terrorism. However, Saudi has not said anything about the appeal of action by Islamic countries to show the Prophet’s photographs in France. The statement issued by the Foreign Ministry also said that Saudi Arabia condemns every terrorist incident, no matter who did it. On the other hand, both houses of Pakistan passed unanimous resolution on this issue. Introduced by Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the National Assembly. The opposition parties passed a resolution demanding the withdrawal of Pakistan’s ambassador from France. However, the post of Ambassador of Pakistan has been vacant in France for three months.

French products boycott appeal
Disgusted with the French President, the world lawmaker is now talking to teach him a lesson and for this he has launched a boycott of French products. Apart from social media, this demand is being vigorously raised in street demonstrations. In the Middle East countries this appeal has gained a lot of emphasis. France has called the boycott of its products baseless in many Middle Eastern countries, saying the “minority fundamentalists” are running this campaign.

What is the root of discord?
The dispute actually began on 16 October when a teacher named Samuel Patty was strangled to death near the school in France. Samuel Patty showed his students cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. This brutal murder was carried out by an 18-year-old youth, 24 kilometers from Paris. After the arrest, the accused said that he was angry about the cartoon of Pangbar Mohammad.

Why are Muslims angry with Macros?
French President Macron was extremely angry with Samuel Patty’s assassination and expressed respect for Patty. Patty was posthumously given France’s highest civilian honor and Macron himself attended the ceremony. They called it Islamic terrorism. Many Islamic countries went through this exasperation and condemned the awarding to those who insulted the Prophet.

Macron’s remarks angered Muslim-majority countries last week, in which he refused to condemn the publication or display of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. France considers religious satire as one of the things underlying freedom of expression, while many Muslims consider any alleged satire on the Prophet to be a serious offense. Even before Patty’s assassination, there was a rift between the Macros and Muslims when he announced a campaign against Islamic separatists on 2 October, saying that Islam was in danger not only in his country but worldwide. That day he announced that his government would strengthen the French law of 1905 that separated church and state. In his speech, Macron claimed that there would be “no concession” in the campaign to separate religion from education and other public sectors in France. The new bill is expected to arrive in December.

The gap is widening already
The government is accused of taking action against Muslim organizations after the teacher’s murder. Attack on mosques is also being said in many places. The gap between the French government and the Muslims has been growing for a long time. In 2004 France became the first European country to ban the hijab. A few years later he made a law against wearing the hijab and covering his face. The cartoon of the Prophet was also printed in the satirical magazine to be published from Paris, due to which there was a terrorist attack on the office of the magazine. Recently, this magazine has once again printed the cartoon of the Prophet. Muslims around the world were also angry about this.

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