Whose bajega danka in Gujarat, who is dominant in BJP, Congress and AAP? know from the survey

Voting for the assembly elections in Gujarat will be held in two phases, on December 1 and 5. The election results will come on December 8. With the announcement of elections in the state, the political parties have entered the fray with full vigor. Seeing the main contest between BJP and Congress, for the first time in this state, Aam Aadmi Party is also contesting on all the seats. In the last one month, many surveys have also come out regarding the election and its results, through which we will try to tell you what has changed in the state in the past.

So far two surveys have come out regarding Gujarat elections. In this, one is before the announcement of the election dates while the other is after the announcement of the dates. First of all, let us talk about the previous survey and see what was estimated in that survey. Both the surveys were done by ABP News and CVoter.

According to the survey, BJP is once again coming to power in the 182-seat assembly. According to the survey, BJP can win 135 to 143 seats. The Congress, which won 99 seats last time, may be reduced to 36-44 seats. At the same time, despite the hard work of Arvind Kejriwal, ‘AAP’ has been predicted to get 0-2 seats. Others may get success in 0-3 seats. The BJP has been ruling in PM Modi’s home state for the last 27 years and this time the party seems to be getting tremendous success.

Estimates of loss to BJP in vote share

Now in terms of vote share, the ruling party BJP seems to be facing some loss in the 2017 assembly elections. On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party can make a dent in the Congress’s huge vote share. BJP has been projected to get 46.8 percent vote share this time. Congress is expected to get 32.3 per cent votes this time. At the same time, Kejriwal’s party can get 17.4 percent votes. Talking about the vote share of both the parties in the last elections, in 2017 BJP got 49.1 percent vote share while Congress got 41.4% votes.

What do the surveys say after the election announcement?

According to the survey of ABP-C voters, the ruling party BJP in the state can get 131 to 139 seats out of the total 182 seats. Meaning there have been minor changes in the mood of the public in the last about one month, then the victory seems to be going in the account of the saffron party itself. On the other hand, the state’s opposition party Congress seems to be suffering. Congress is seen winning 31 to 39 seats in this survey. At the same time, 12-17 seats are estimated to go in the account of AAP and others.

Estimates of the survey released on October 3

BJP 135-143
Cong 36-44
AAP 0-2
Others 0-3

Estimates of the survey released on October 4

BJP 131-139
CONG 31-39
AAP+OTH 12-17

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