WHO warns leaders around the world, say – be ready for the next pandemic

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The corona epidemic has changed the shape of the entire world. The corona epidemic has caused millions of deaths and affected the economy worldwide. No one knows when the next pandemic will come, but before that the World Health Organization has warned the leaders of the world about the upcoming epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) during its 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) on Friday asked world leaders to prepare for the next pandemic. This meeting of the World Health Assembly was made virtual.

The World Health Organization said in its statement that we should now prepare for the next pandemic. We have seen this year that countries with strong health emergency infrastructure are able to act faster in preventing and overcoming the spread of the corona virus virus. The WHO also highlighted that the foundation of a stable world is possible only when the country pays adequate attention to health services. The international body said that the Corona epidemic is a reminder in a way, reminding us that health is the foundation of social, economic and political stability.

Appreciating the countries that have successfully overcome the spread of the corona virus, the World Health Organization stated that although it is a global crisis, many countries and cities have successfully spread the virus with a broad evidence-based approach (avid based approach). Is stopped or controlled. However, the WHO also said that Kovid-19 can only be dealt with by combining ‘science, solutions and solidarity’. ‘

Highlighting the contribution of nations in the fight against the corona virus pandemic, the international agency said that this is an unprecedented event, where the whole world is working together to develop vaccine procurement strategies and together with healthcare The overall quality is improving. The statement said that the whole world has worked together in the plan to accelerate the development of the Corona vaccine and its trials, but now we need to ensure that when the vaccine is made into the world, then there will be equality It should also be available to all countries on the basis.

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