Who is plotting foreign conspiracy on the pretext of peasant movement? Toolkit will be exposed, Delhi Police asks for details

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Delhi Police ‘Toolkit’ has sought information from Google to investigate the case. It asks for information about the IP address or location from where the document file containing the ‘toolkit’ was created and uploaded to the social media platform. Sources said that this is being done to identify the authors of the ‘toolkit’ who shared the Google document file.

‘Toolkit’ was created in Google Doc
In the investigation of the case, the toolkit uploaded on Twitter regarding the Delhi nuisance with the intention of spoiling the atmosphere has revealed that it was made in Google Doc. The Delhi Police’s cyber cell engaged in the investigation is now getting information about where the ‘toolkit’ was uploaded. Cyber ​​Cell has contacted Google to find out some URL Instagram profile, email ID and its domain ID inside ‘Toolkit’. Delhi Police says that it is investigating about the ‘toolkit’, who prepared it? A cyber cell is trying to identify him.

Poetic for Justice is also under suspicion about the document
The document (document) named ‘Toolkit’ has revealed that there is an action plan to spoil the social harmony in the country, there have been indications to keep a pro-Khalistani organization called ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’ under scrutiny. . The co-founder of this organization is now targeted by the investigating agencies involved in the investigation of the ‘Toolkit’ document related to the movement. In fact, M. Dhaliwal is accused of being pro-Khalistan and also involved in several demonstrations against India.

What a conspiracy this ‘toolkit’ In the document
In this document an action plan has been told, in which it is said that a digital strike is to be done on and around January 26. This information is to be given through social media in a tweet that physical action is to be taken on 23 January. To join the tractor rally on 26 January and another program scheduled on 2 March on behalf of farmers. For this, this ‘toolkit’ has to watch how to enter Delhi and how to go back to the border. For this, people were told through this ‘toolkit’, which was uploaded and asked to take complete information of this plan. However, it was later deleted.

What is ‘toolkit’ Action on document
According to Delhi Police Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan, the purpose of this ‘toolkit’ is to create a conspiracy against the Indian government. However, no one has been named in the case. The case is registered only against the creators of the ‘toolkit’. A case has been registered against unknown people under the criminal conspiracy, sedition and other sections of the Indian Penal Code. Cyber ​​of Delhi Police is investigating this case.