Who is Baljeet Kaur who gave shelter to Amritpal? Khalistani stayed at home for one night

Who is Baljeet Kaur who gave shelter to Amritpal?  Khalistani stayed at home for one night

Punjab and Haryana police have arrested a woman. The woman had allegedly given shelter to hardline separatist Amritpal Singh and his aide Papalpreet Singh at her house in Kurukshetra district. Punjab Police with the help of Haryana Police has arrested a woman named Baljeet Kaur.

Punjab Police IGP Sukhchain Singh Gill said, “Police is on the lookout for Amritpal Singh. We have come to know that his last location is in Haryana. We have taken a woman named Baljit Kaur to Harisat. Amritpal was living with this woman in Kurukshetra.” Stayed in the house and these people were in touch for the last 2.5 years.” It is being told that the woman lives in Siddharth Colony of Shahbad. She was reportedly in touch with Papalpreet Singh. Kurukshetra Superintendent of Police Surinder Singh Bhoria said the woman was taken into custody by the Haryana Police and handed over to the Punjab Police.

Bhoria said, “Immediately after receiving the intelligence input, the Punjab Police was informed that Amritpal and his friend had stayed at a house in Shahbad city on the intervening night of March 19 and 20. Police have taken the woman into custody for questioning.” ” The police officer said that preliminary information has revealed that the woman was in contact with Papalpreet Singh for the last two years. Investigation revealed that he had stayed here on March 19.

He said that Amritpal Singh stayed in Shahbad for two days. He used a scooty bike to travel from Ludhiana to Shahbad. He said that Baljit Kaur was in contact with Papalpreet Singh, who was seen riding a bike in Punjab. Baljit Kaur’s brother informed the police about giving shelter to Amritpal Singh. Baljeet Kaur, arrested from Shahabad, has revealed that Amritpal had disguised himself and worn a turban and had also got a moustache. He took an auto from Hardee’s World in Ludhiana at 9:40 pm.

Meanwhile, Punjab IGP Sukhchain Singh Gill said that the police will not arrest any innocent people in this case and even if they do, they will be let off only after giving a warning. We have detained 207 people from different places. Of these, 30 people have been arrested under criminal cases. He said that the Punjab Police is in touch with all the agencies of the Centre.

The police officer said that all the activities and circumstances are proving that he has been involved in anti-national activities. All the evidence that has come down to us proves that he had contact with (people) from across the border.

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