Who designs clothes like Urfi Javed for Delhi Metro’s bikini girl? Rhythm told itself

A girl is in headlines on social media for the last few days. People are calling this girl ‘Delhi Metro Bikini Girl’. The name of this girl is Rhythm Chanana. Actually, some pictures of Rhythm went viral on social media. It could be seen in the pictures that Rhythm is traveling in the metro wearing a bralette and a mini skirt. Meanwhile, something happened on social media that people are not able to believe. Thousands of followers of Rhythm increased overnight. Till writing the news, Rhythm has got more than 26 thousand followers on Instagram. In such a situation, many people are asking Rhythm that who designs your dress? Rhythm’s answer has now come on this.

Who designs the dress?

Rhythm has shared more than 100 photos and videos on Instagram. Thousands of people are liking Rhythm’s post. While many people are praising her in the comment section, many people are refusing her to wear such a dress. Meanwhile, Rhythm has posted a story on his Instagram. Rhythm wrote there that ‘For all those people who are asking me from where do I buy my dress… Let me tell you that I design my dress myself… I make each and every outfit of my outfit. I design the inch myself and that too without the help of any machine.

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Actually, Rhythm Chanana is in headlines for the past few days. In such a situation, the question is arising in the minds of many people that when Rhythm goes out wearing a bikini, then what is the reaction of her family? In an interview, Rhythm had said that ‘he doesn’t care about what people say’. Rhythm said, ‘I come from a conservative family. There is no freedom to do all this in my family. But I have decided that I will do my mind. Many people on social media are comparing Rhythm with Urfi Javed. People say that Rhythm Urfi is copying Javed. Please tell that Urfi Javed also remains in headlines on social media for her clothes.

After it went viral, people started following Rhythm on Instagram. Within two days, he got thousands of followers. Rhythm shares her photos and videos on Instagram. In such a situation, many people were asking questions about his clothes. Rhythm posted a story and told that she designs her own clothes.

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