WHO: Corona virus leaked from China’s Wuhan lab itself, WHO Director General Gebreyesus admitted in private talks


WHO Director-General Tredos Ghebreyesus has admitted in a private conversation with a European leader that the corona virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab in China. According to the Daily Mail report, he feared that the virus may have spread due to an accident in the Wuhan lab. Let us tell you, WHO has always avoided publicly accepting this fact.

Although the Daily Mail did not reveal the name of the senior European politician with whom Gebreyesis admitted in private discussions that the virus may have been spread from China’s Wuhan lab. Whereas a few days ago, the Director General of WHO had publicly said that it is not yet known where this virus originated and how it came to humans. It is very important to recognize the origin of the virus so that such epidemics can be avoided in future.

Ethical responsibility to trace virus origin

The WHO Director-General said that it is our responsibility to trace the origin of the corona virus ethically. The longer it takes to get to know it, the more difficult it becomes to understand about it. This responsibility is towards the people who get corona infected, people who lost their lives and their families.

China is not cooperating in the investigation

In a recently released report, the expert panel set up by the WHO in 2021 said that there is no significant data available to know about the onset of corona infection. However, it is also feared that the virus may have come from bats to humans. WHO experts have been raising the point that China is not cooperating in investigating the origin of the corona virus.

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