Whether India is on the right track under Modi’s leadership or not, Varun Gandhi got a call from Oxford, took a big decision

Whether India is on the right track under Modi’s leadership or not, Varun Gandhi got a call from Oxford, took a big decision

The Oxford Union invited BJP MP Varun Gandhi to speak on the issue of whether India is on the right track under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Taking a big decision on this, the BJP MP turned down the invitation. He said that he sees no merit or sincerity in voicing domestic challenges on an international platform and that such a move would be a dishonorable act.

A source said that Varun Gandhi, who has at times been critical of the government’s policies, took the decision because the famous Debating Society based in Oxford, England, wanted him to speak against the motion that the House should be on the right track for Modi’s India. But he accepts. It is worth mentioning that recently Varun’s cousin and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi went to Oxford University and made a statement about democracy, on which a controversy arose.

The invitation for the debate, scheduled between April and June, was given to BJP MP Varun on behalf of union president Mathew. Declining the invitation, he said in his reply to the union that citizens like him regularly get the opportunity to easily discuss such topics in India. Criticize the policies of the government publicly and in the prestigious Parliament. However, such criticism should be directed to policy-makers within India and it would be a disservice to raise them outside the country.

He said that politicians like him may have differences on different policies at the Center and State level, but all of them are on the same path for the upliftment of India. The union’s invitation to Varun Gandhi said Prime Minister Modi’s rule has given India greater prominence on the global stage, with many linking his policy agenda to strong economic growth, tackling corruption and putting India first. On the other hand, his administration has been criticized for mishandling growing discontent within the agricultural sector, inciting conflict between religious groups, and failing to revitalize the health and education sectors.

Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi said, “Such remarks should be presented to Indian policy-makers within India. I see no merit or sincerity in vocalizing internal challenges on an international platform. India is committed to growth and inclusiveness.” is on the right track.” He said that every vibrant democracy provides freedom and opportunity to its citizens to engage with issues. As an author, public policy commentator and Member of Parliament, participation in such an event addresses public concerns. Is a meaningful contribution towards enabling dialogue and dialogue to do and solve.

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