When TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh started chewing raw brinjal in Parliament, the incident happened during the discussion on inflation

In the Monsoon session of Parliament, on Monday, something happened in the Lok Sabha which surprised everyone. During the discussion on the inflation of food items, TMC MP suddenly started chewing raw brinjal in the house. MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar raised the question that does the government want us to eat raw vegetables? He said that the prices of cooking gas have become so high that it has become difficult for the common man to cook.

withdraw rising prices

The MP also thanked the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for discussing the rising prices. During this, the TMC MP said that the price of LPG cylinders has been increased four times in the last few months. From Rs 600 per cylinder, it has now reached Rs 1000 per cylinder. Along with this, he also demanded the withdrawal of the price of gas cylinders. The MP said that after all, inflation is being discussed in Parliament.

Suspension of 4 Congress MPs canceled, Lok Sabha proceedings back on track
Prices are increasing continuously

Last month, the central government had increased the price of gas cylinders by Rs 50. This was the eighth time in the last one year that cylinder prices were increased. These days a non-subsidized cylinder of 14.2 kg is getting Rs 10,53 in Delhi. At the same time, its prices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are Rs 1,079, 1,052.5 and Rs 1,068.5 respectively. Prices per cylinder have reached Rs 244 since June 2021. At the same time, from March 2022 till now, it has increased by Rs 152.50.

Opposition targets government

It is worth noting that after the long-standing demand and uproar of the opposition, discussion on inflation is being held in the Lok Sabha today. Earlier, the suspension of four members of Congress was revoked. While targeting the Narendra Modi-led BJP government over inflation in the country, the Congress on Monday said the “economic mismanagement of the last eight years” of this government is behind the current state of the economy in the country. Congress MP Manish Tewari said this while initiating the discussion on ‘price hike’ under Rule 193 in the Lok Sabha.

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