When the picture alone says everything: the policeman gave the old lady a bite, then the pain spread in prayers


An old woman lying on the ground in the scorching sun on the side of Bidhnu Highway in Kanpur was suffering from hunger and sunlight. People were passing by but no one took notice of him. Then the SI of Bidhnu police station, Harendra Singh, who was passing by, caught sight of the old lady. He stopped the bike, picked up the old lady in his lap and took him to the shade of a shed.

He gave water to the old woman who was suffering from hunger and thirst and asked for lentils and roti from the nearby dhaba. When she started crying while eating a bite of bread, Harendra fed her a mouthful with his own hands. The 75-year-old old man prayed for the SI with his weak voice, but his words were full of pain. After improving some condition, the old woman named her as Kudsia, resident of Bashirganj Bakrammandi police station, Bajaria. The policemen were surprised to hear this, as Qudsia’s house was about 20 km from the place where he was standing.

It was impossible for him to reach here alone. The old lady told that her husband Famuddin had passed away five years ago. With no children, she lives alone in one room of the house. Family members feed the food. The inspector contacted the Bajaria police station and got information about the address given by the old lady. On confirmation of the address, the old lady was taken to her house along with the women soldiers.

The old lady was handed over to the care of the family grandson Arslan Misbahuddin Ahmed, who lived in the neighbourhood. Neighbors said that she had suddenly gone missing since Monday evening. People thought that she must be somewhere nearby, so she was not searched. No one could tell how the old lady reached 20 km away.


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