What would you have played? First preparation for 40 seats, now Chirag Paswan reached RJD’s Iftar party

The presence of LJP (Ram Vilas) President Chirag Paswan in RJD’s Iftar party has once again intensified the market of speculation in the politics of Bihar. While Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attended the Dawat-e-Iftar organized by RJD on Sunday. On the other hand, Chirag Paswan also reached. Chirag Paswan took blessings by touching the feet of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. However, after this program, he said in a conversation with the media that whenever I meet, I touch his feet. I oppose the policies, nothing to do with the individual.

Chirag Paswan said that the opposition unity regarding the Lok Sabha elections is just an illusion. There are so many contenders for the post of Prime Minister on one platform, then personal ambitions dominate to such an extent that in such a situation, it does not happen to consider any one as a leader. When Chirag Paswan reached RJD’s Iftar party, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the youth about Tejashwi-Chirag and raised slogans. Slogans were also raised that Tejashwi-Chirag Zindabad and BJP will not be allowed to come to power. However, in the midst of this sloganeering, Chirag Paswan was seen flinching.

Let us inform that an important decision was taken in the state executive meeting of LJP (Ram Vilas) on Friday. LJP (Ram Vilas) will prepare to contest elections on all the Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha seats in Bihar. This shocking decision is being considered amid speculations of Chirag’s closeness to the BJP and his return to the NDA. Many meanings are being extracted from this step of Chirag Paswan. Meanwhile, seeing the way Tejashwi Yadav warmly welcomed Chirag Paswan at RJD’s Iftar party today, it is being speculated that once again something big might have happened in the politics of the state.

Chirag Paswan will run ‘alone’, no alliance with BJP! LJP Ram Vilas will contest on all the seats of Bihar

It may be known that on Friday Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had organized an Iftar party at his residence in Patna. Several opposition parties including the BJP were also invited to Nitish’s Iftar party. But BJP boycotted CM’s Iftar party due to violence in Sasaram and Bihar Sharif on Ram Navami. At the same time, LJP (Ram Vilas) President Chirag Paswan distanced himself from Nitish’s Iftar party.

Please tell that after the death of Chirag Paswan’s father Ram Vilas Paswan, there was a split in the LJP. Then Chirag parted ways with the NDA. Now once again speculation had started in Chirag Paswan’s NDA, but the statement coming from Chirag that his party will contest elections alone on all the Lok Sabha and Assembly seats in the state, can be interpreted in many ways. On the other hand, after seeing the warmth with which Tejashwi welcomed Chirag Paswan at RJD’s Iftar party, the politics of the state has once again become hot.

PHOTO: RJD’s Iftar party at Rabri residence, Nitish also reached; Tejashwi wore the cap to the CM

Significantly, Chirag Paswan is known as a staunch opponent of Nitish Kumar. On Sunday morning, Chirag Paswan spoke of President’s rule in Bihar. In the evening, he attended RJD’s Iftar party at Rabri residence. On the other hand, Union Minister Pashupati Paras got agitated on hearing the name of his nephew Chirag Paswan during a program organized in the capital Patna. When Pashupati Paras was asked a question about Chirag Paswan, he said that hey man, why do you take Chirag Paswan’s name, say about me, say about NDA.

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