What happened in Karauli Sarkar Ashram? Now the video war broke out, the doctor said – I was saved from death

What happened in Karauli Sarkar Ashram?  Now the video war broke out, the doctor said – I was saved from death

The controversy over the attack on Noida’s doctor in Karauli Sarkar Ashram is increasing. A video war has also broken out between Baba Santosh Bhadauria, the head of the Karauli Ashram, and Dr. Siddhartha, who filed a report on him. Late Monday night Baba Santosh Bhadoria alias Karauli Baba presented a video in his clarification. On the other hand, on Tuesday night two videos of Dr. Siddharth started going viral. In this, a scuffle is seen in the court with Dr. Siddharth. Siddharth claims that in this video, it is Baba Santosh who says ‘Come let us show you the miracles… take out this Pagglait’. ‘Live Hindustan’ does not verify these viral videos.

scuffle in 20 and 32 second video

A video that went viral is of 20 seconds. In this there is a tussle between Dr. Siddharth Chowdhary and Baba. When a bouncer comes to catch the doctor from behind, the doctor is saying something to him. Someone says, O doctor, move here.. Let us show you miracles. Meanwhile, his bouncers are seen pushing an old man who came to help the doctor. According to Siddharth, this voice is of Baba Santosh.

The second video is of 32 seconds. According to Siddharth, Karauli Baba’s voice is heard in this too. In this, he is shouting that Om Shiv Balance… Chal Paglat… Ho gaya na pagal… Abhi bhari pad jayegi tujhe… All diseases will be cured in two minutes. Get this lunatic out. get out… The bouncers are misbehaving with the doctor. Doctors are saying that keep your guards in mind. After this Baba’s bouncer falls on the doctor. The doctor is being pushed out of the court. Regarding this, Siddharth said – I was attacked with a fatal attack. Somehow I am saved from dying. On the other hand, Baba Santosh Bhadoria told the media that this is part of a conspiracy against those working for Sanatan. No one was assaulted here.

Video went viral after FIR

After the FIR against Baba, a video was released late Monday night on behalf of Baba. In the video there is a conversation between Dr. Siddharth Chowdhary and Baba. In this video released late on Monday night, Baba Santosh Singh Bhadauria is seen on one screen and Dr. Siddharth Chowdhary on the other screen.

police ran a month

Victim Dr. Siddharth Chaudhary’s father Dr. Virendra Singh Chaudhary said that the report was filed when I reached the police commissioner. The Inspector should be asked why Baba was not questioned till now after the FIR. I want the police to take immediate action in this matter and put Baba behind bars.

Police will get criminal history removed

Police Commissioner BP Jogdand said that information about some criminal cases of Karauli Baba has been received from different people. The police will also investigate those cases. Why were they registered and what action was taken in them? This is being ascertained.

In the video released by Baba, his conversation with the doctor

● Baba Om.

● Hello Doctor Guruji.

● Baba Santosh ji be happy.

● Doctor I have come from Noida. There is tribulation and Pitrudosh in my house. Friends and brother told that miracles happen in your ashram. Go there So I have come to see your miracle.

● Baba Santosh No miracles happen here. Everything happens according to the rules here.

● Doctor, if it is your grace… if you get blessings, then everything will be fine, maybe.

● Baba Santosh Om.. Om.. everything will be good, you people are good. Whatever is left to be good will also become good.

● Doctor, my friends and brother told that soul has entered me. I am a doctor by profession. I said I will go and see. I want to see what’s the matter. I want to see how the soul comes out. How is it felt? I want to feel The program is going live. I want to see your powers.

● Baba will feel satisfied. Will come on time sometime. At leisure

● Doctor I want to see your powers.

● You are doing Baba Santosh Challenge

● I am challenging the doctor.. Absolutely.

● What challenge are you doing Baba Santosh?

● Doctor, show me some miracle.

● What should Baba Santosh show?

●Doctor Who can show you miracles.

● What should Baba Santosh show?

● Doctor, you show the same.

● Baba Santosh what do you want?

● Doctor, you are showing everyone in the court that you have removed the soul.

● Baba Santosh, ask the one from whom it emerges.

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