What allegations has Raja Bhaiya made on his wife, wants a quick divorce; Wife asked for time, hearing postponed

What allegations has Raja Bhaiya made on his wife, wants a quick divorce;  Wife asked for time, hearing postponed

The divorce case between UP’s Bahubali MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya and his wife Bhanvi Singh in Delhi’s Saket court has been postponed once again. It is said that Raja Bhaiya wants a divorce soon but due to non-filing of reply on behalf of Bhanvi Singh, the matter has to be postponed. Raja Bhaiya has filed a divorce application making many allegations against Bhanvi.

Raja Bhaiya and Bhanvi were married 28 years ago. For a few months everything was not going well in the family. Bhanvi had also lodged an FIR against MLC Akshay Pratap Singh, a close family member of Raja Bhaiya, making several serious allegations including cheating. After this the matter went on increasing.

In the petition filed last year, Raja Bhaiya has made a big allegation of cruelty against the wife against the family. Raja Bhaiya alleges that Bhanvi has left her in-laws’ house for a long time and has refused to come back. Bhanvi has leveled false and serious allegations against a family member. Which comes under the category of cruelty.

On Raja Bhaiya’s petition, the court issued notice to Bhanvi Singh asking her to file a reply and appear in person. In the hearing held on Tuesday, her lawyer Kunal appeared on behalf of Bhanvi Singh and sought more time to file her reply.

The date of July 25 has been fixed for the hearing. Even before this, time was sought from the court to file reply on behalf of Bhanvi Singh. The court had asked to file the reply on 23 May. Got more time now.

A case was registered against Raja Bhaiya’s brother

Bhanvi Singh had filed a complaint against Raja Bhaiya’s cousin MLC Akshay Pratap Singh alias Gopalji in Delhi. Bhanvi had registered a case against Akshay and some others at Delhi’s Jorbagh police station. Bhanvi Singh has made several allegations against him including cheating. Akshay Pratap and Raja Bhaiya are very close to each other. It was only after the case on Akshay Pratap that the relationship between Bhanvi Singh and Raja Bhaiya started getting sour.

Raja Bhaiya did not say anything when the matter became public, but in gestures he supported his brother Gopalji. Because of this, the relationship between them deteriorated and the matter reached the court. Although Raja Bhaiya or Bhanvi Singh have not issued any statement regarding this. Both have kept silence on this whole matter.

Who is Bhanvi Singh

Bhanvi Singh is the daughter of Kunwar Ravi Pratap Singh, the younger son of the Raja of the Basti royal family. She is one of the four daughters of Kunwar Ravi Pratap. Bhanvi Singh has completed her studies from Basti Phir Lucknow. Raja Bhaiya and Bhanvi Singh tied the knot in the year 1995.

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