Weather Forecast: The current heatwave can be more dangerous, the onset of monsoon will bring relief from the heat

Most parts of the city felt a degree or two more hot on Thursday, with the mercury crossing 45 degrees Celsius (degrees Celsius) in north-west Delhi’s Mungeshpur. The Meteorological Department has predicted that the temperature will continue to rise on Friday as well. It has warned that heatwave may once again engulf the capital.

‘Yellow Alert’ and ‘Orange Alert’ issued in Delhi

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a ‘Yellow Alert’ warning of heatwave in most areas on Friday and Saturday. An ‘Orange Alert’ has been issued for Sunday which means that there may be a severe heat wave. There were reports of heat wave conditions in Delhi since last Sunday but the easterly winds blowing in the national capital under the influence of cyclone ‘Asani’ have saved the city from it.

To warn the public, the IMD said, “Heatwave conditions are likely to be declared over Delhi on Friday, when the mercury may cross a maximum of 46 degree Celsius in some parts. This is the first heatwave spell of May so far, which has been largely helped by western disturbances. “Sunday is likely to be the hottest day when Safdarjung is expected to remain at 45 degrees Celsius and similar temperatures are expected in other parts,” a weather official said.

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Heavy rain brought relief from the scorching heat, the mood of the weather changed in these states

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Weather Update: Orange alert of heavy rain in four districts including Nainital

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IMD: Half month of April passed in heat wave, no relief till early May

There is no hope of getting relief from the heat wave

Not only the capital Delhi but also in other states of north-central India, there is no hope of getting relief from the outbreak of heat. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be severe heat in North West and Central India for the next 5 days. During this time people will have to face the heat wave. According to the forecast, there will be some decrease in the temperature of Delhi from May 16 due to western disturbances.

In the past, severe heat is continuing in many states including Haryana, Rajasthan. Due to cyclone Asani, there has been a drop in temperature in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh. There are many states like Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh etc., where heavy rains are expected due to cyclonic storm Asani.

Premature monsoon knock will bring relief from heat

The Southwest Monsoon may arrive early this year in the country and Andaman and Nicobar Islands are likely to receive the first seasonal rains on May 15. The Meteorological Department gave this information on Thursday. The India Meteorological Department said in a statement, “The southwest monsoon is likely to reach south Andaman Sea and southeast Bay of Bengal around 15 May 2022.”

According to meteorologists, the extended forecasts have indicated favorable conditions for continuous early onset of monsoon and its progress over Kerala and then northwards. Premature monsoon will bring relief to people in most parts of the country, who have been suffering from the scorching heat for more than a fortnight. Normally, monsoon arrives in Kerala on June 1.

The Meteorological Department says that light to moderate rain is expected in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the next five days. There is a possibility of heavy rain at some places over the archipelago from May 14 to 16. According to the department, wind speed reaching 40-60 kmph is likely over South Andaman Sea on May 15 and 16.