‘We will not provoke war, but…’, Taiwan said for the first time on China’s military action

China has been conducting large-scale war drills around Taiwan since the departure of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China launched precise strikes on targets during a maneuver in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday. The Chinese PLA also fired several missiles. Now Taiwan has reacted for the first time to Dragon’s aggressive stance. Taiwan has said that China’s action is “irresponsible”. In fact, hours after China fired a live missile in its largest ever exercise, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said Beijing’s military action was “irresponsible” not only to Taiwan but also to the international community. .

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President Tsai further said that Taiwan will not provoke war but will firmly defend its sovereignty and national security. A day after a visit to the self-governing island of Pelosi, China fired a live missile near Taiwan. China has never controlled Taiwan, but considers it its territory. At the same time, he has been saying for a long time that he can annex Taiwan by force if necessary.

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According to state news agency CCTV, China has activated more than 100 aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers, and more than 10 warships. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it had pulled back 22 Chinese fighter jets with a warning. These Chinese aircraft had entered the Taiwan border. Apart from this, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said that the soldiers also fired four drones late on Thursday.

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