We have become monkeys and donkeys, why do we push; SP MLA Irfan Solanki raging on police, video going viral

We have become monkeys and donkeys, why do we push;  SP MLA Irfan Solanki raging on police, video going viral

The difficulties of SP MLA Irfan Solanki from Kanpur are increasing. Many cases are being registered against him one after the other. He has been transferred from Kanpur to Maharajganj Jail. From Maharajganj Jail itself, he is being repeatedly brought to Kanpur. Troubled by this, Irfan Solanki’s anger erupted on the policemen. The way he got angry and told the policemen, his video is going viral.
Irfan Solanki was brought for production in the Kanpur court on Friday. During this, when the media tried to talk to Irfan Solanki, the policemen pushed him. Irfan got very upset as soon as he was pushed. Screaming, why do you push? Looking at the media, he said why these policemen keep on pushing.

Said, are we legislators or criminals. If you always look, they push you. Pointing towards a policeman, he says that he is the one who grabs the throat. These policemen misbehave with me so much, why don’t media people run against them.

Said when you can’t talk to the media then why do you call media people during my muscle. Are we legislators or what? When you see, they push and hit. Meanwhile, on being interrupted by a sub-inspector, he says that he is on his way. Are we humans or animals? We have become monkeys, we have become donkeys. If they want to resign, we are ready to resign. Take this resignation from us, if you want to resign tomorrow, take it today. But don’t bother us.

Irfan said that I believe in Allah. He will do justice to me. During this, a lion was also narrated. How long will the oppressor oppress the corridors of power, every little bit will echo with the slogans of revolution. The video of Irfan provoking in this way and telling the truth to the policemen went viral as soon as it came on social media. The video has also been tweeted by the official handle of Irfan Solanki.

Significantly, Irfan Solanki was produced in the case of arson on Friday. During this, the woman who had accused Solanki did not turn up for testimony. Statements of the author who filed the report against the five accused, including the MLA and his brother Rizwan Solanki, who were brought under heavy security cover, were recorded. The FIR writer confirmed Tahrir. It is being told that due to illness, the plaintiff could not come to give her statement. The date of next hearing was fixed on March 20.

The SP MLA is accused of arson with the intention of occupying a woman’s plot in Jajmau police station. Its hearing was held in the MP/MLA special court. Along with the MLA, other accused MLA’s brother, Shaukat Ali, Israr Atte Wala and Mohammad Sharif were also produced from the district jail.

we are crying no one is listening

During this, his wife Naseem Solanki, who came to meet Irfan, wept in the court premises. She said, they don’t even allow her to meet her husband for five minutes. Yogi ji does not see our problems. She said that the woman is being tried on a false allegation. We are not even being listened to. We are crying

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