Watch Indian TV, laughing at Pakistan; Old fear tormented Imran

Watch Indian TV, laughing at Pakistan;  Old fear tormented Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Pakistan PM Imran Khan said on Saturday that Indian TV channels are making fun of the way Pakistan is moving forward. He said that Indian TV channels are happily announcing how Pakistan is heading towards destruction. PTI Chairman Imran Khan was addressing a gathering for Isala-e-Sawab in District Shah. He alleged that the current leaders have huge assets in Pakistan and abroad and do not care about the people of Pakistan.

He said that there is no rule of law in Pakistan and the way the country is progressing, there is no future for the children of Pakistan. Imran said, “The way they are treating the country, there is no future for you and your children. Pakistan cannot run like this, just look at India’s TV channels. How they are showing the situation in Pakistan.” Make fun of them. They (Indian channels) are happily announcing that Pakistan is heading towards destruction.

He also said that at the time of independence, Indians made fun of Pakistan that Pakistan would not last long and would soon merge back into India. Imran said, “Indian channels are telling that Pakistan is going towards destruction. What was the danger when Pakistan was formed. The leaders of India were saying that they will not stay for long, they will join us again.” I. This is what he said from the beginning. Why we insisted on security. Why we raised our army. We cut our stomachs and shifted our army. And why the army played a tremendous role, saved us. They gave us the confidence that we will protect you. can do.”

He said, “Pakistan was formed because we wanted to become an independent country. We wanted to become a country which was based on the principles of the princely state of Madina. The biggest principle of which was justice. Everything came but the rule of law (law) The rule of) did not come. The death of Zille Shah is the proof of that. After the alleged murder of Ali Bilal, popularly known as Zilla Shah, Imran Khan lashed out at the Government of Pakistan. Ali Bilal was a party supporter of Imran Khan who died allegedly in police lathicharge.

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