War heading towards NATO vs Russia? Poland may start discussion on Article 4 and 5

After the missile fell in the territory of Poland, the movement in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has intensified. There is news that Poland may request to implement Article 4 of NATO. The missile was reportedly made in Russia. However, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Poland has no conclusive evidence as to who fired the missile.

Officials have informed that Poland may also raise this issue at the UN Security Council meeting to be held on Wednesday. There was an explosion in a village situated at some distance from the border of Poland with Ukraine. 2 people were killed in this missile incident. Currently, the US and other NATO allies are investigating the incident in Poland.

Ukraine’s war will change in the third world war, Russian missile 2 killed in Poland; NATO meeting

Here, US President Joe Biden said that initial information showed that the incident might not have been caused by a missile fired from Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry also denied reports of a Russian missile falling on the territory of Poland.

What is Article 4?

Duda says he has informed NATO Secretary General Jens Stottenberg and Biden that Poland’s ambassador to NATO may request the invocation of Article 4, under which allies consult. There are reports that Stottenberg will hold an urgent meeting with the ambassadors of the coalition on Wednesday. Under Article 4, the members of the military alliance can raise any issue and especially the issue of security for discussion.

article 5 possibilities

If it becomes clear that Moscow is responsible for the blast, then the possibilities of Article 5 of NATO may also increase. Under this, an attack on one member of the alliance is considered an attack on all. After this discussions can begin on a possible military response. Duda informed on Twitter, ‘All the leaders I have spoken to today have assured me of cooperation, which includes the provisions of Article 5.’

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