Wages were not given to get tiles installed in the house, Mercedes car was burnt by the fire of revenge

On Monday afternoon, a youth riding a bike set fire to a Mercedes car in Sadarpur Colony for not paying dues. After the incident the accused fled from the spot. His act was captured in the CCTV camera installed nearby. Its video also went viral on social media.

Ayush Chauhan, a resident of Sadarpur village, told that his Mercedes car was parked outside the house. On the afternoon of September 11, a person riding a bike came near the car. He stopped his bike a little ahead of the car. After this, he put petrol on other parts including the bonnet of the car from the bottle and set it on fire and fled from the spot. However, the fire extinguished itself after sometime. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed nearby. In this 32-second video, a person is seen setting fire. He is wearing a helmet. The car owner has reported the matter to the police. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it was revealed that the accused who carried out the crime is Ranveer, a resident of Roja Jalalpur village of Greater Noida. Police took him into custody and interrogated him.

Did not pay to install tiles in the house
ACP Rajneesh Verma told that Ranveer is originally from Bihar. Came to Noida from Bihar to work. He does the work of laying tiles in the houses. The accused claims that Ayush Chauhan had him get tiles installed in his house. Chouhan owes it Rs 2.68 lakh. When he did not pay even after asking for money several times, he got upset and set the car on fire. At the same time, in the case, Ayush says that he had made all the payments after getting the work done. The repairer is lying.

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