Voting for the Vice Presidential election today, NDA’s upper hand, Dhankhar is expected to get 67% votes

Jagdeep Dhankhar, the candidate of the BJP-led ruling coalition NDA, has the upper hand in the Vice Presidential election to be held today. Considering the support received from various parties, Dhankhar is expected to get more than 67 per cent votes. The entire opposition is unable to mobilize with the opposition candidate Margaret Alva of Congress. While Trinamool Congress has distanced itself from the election, parties like BSP, YSRCP, BJD, Telugu Desam are standing in support of Dhankhar. Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader Keshava Rao on Friday announced that his party will support opposition candidate Margaret Alva in the upcoming vice presidential election.

At present there are 788 members in both the houses. The majority figure is 395. The BJP has 394 MPs in both the houses. That is, his own vote is 50 percent. Including the NDA, this figure becomes 445 MPs. The NDA has the support of 449 MPs, including the four recently nominated MPs. Apart from this, it also has support from other parties. These include YSRCP (31), BJD (21), BSP (11), Telugu Desam (4). With their support, the figure becomes 512 votes in favor of Dhankhar. Apart from this, NDA leaders hope that many more parties and MPs will also support him and he will get more votes than last time.

Venkaiah Naidu won by a huge margin
It is to be known that the last time in the 2017 Vice Presidential election, NDA’s Venkaiah Naidu defeated Gopal Krishna Gandhi, an independent candidate supported by the opposition. Then Naidu got 516 (67.89 percent) and Gandhi got 244 (32.11) percent of the votes. This time the opposition is more scattered. Differences have also emerged among the opposition parties regarding the Vice Presidential election. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress has announced to abstain from the voting process, citing attempts to build consensus before the announcement of Alva’s name.

BJP made MPs practice voting
For the Vice Presidential election, the BJP has held a meeting with the MPs of all the allies on Friday evening, a day before. In this, the practice of voting was also given to the MPs, so that no vote was spoiled. Significantly, about 17 votes in the presidential election were canceled due to wrong voting.

That’s how voting happens
The election will be by means of the single transferable vote, as per the system of proportional representation. And the election will be by secret ballot. In this system, the elector has to mark the preferences against the names of the candidates. There is no concept of open voting in the election and it is strictly prohibited to show ballot papers to anyone under any circumstances in the election of President and Vice President. There is a provision in the voting process that after marking the vote in the polling room, the voter has to fold the ballot paper and put it in the ballot box. Any violation of the voting procedure will result in the cancellation of the ballot paper by the Presiding Officer.

Rajya Sabha will bid farewell to Chairman Naidu on Monday
The Rajya Sabha on Monday will bid farewell to its Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu, whose term ends on August 10. Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh announced this in the House on Friday.

After the Question Hour ended in the Upper House on Friday, Harivansh said, Honorable Member, as you all know, Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu is retiring on 10th August. The House will bid him farewell on Monday, 8 August. Because of this, there will be no Zero Hour on that day so that members of different parties can give farewell speeches. On the occasion of bid farewell to the Speaker, often the Prime Minister, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition and leaders of various parties discuss his contribution and role in the tenure of the outgoing Chairman. The term of the Chairman of Rajya Sabha is five years while that of a member is six years.

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