Village of bachelors, no boy got married for years; because of this i don’t get girl

Village of bachelors, no boy got married for years;  because of this i don’t get girl

You must have often heard that India is a country of villages. Mahatma Gandhi had also said that the soul of India resides in the villages. The villages showing the culture and beauty of India are the real heritage of the country. Some villages are so strange that people are very interested to know about them. One of them is Baradahar of Khandamouda Panchayat of Bahragora block of East Singhbhum.

no boy got married for years

No boy has been married for a long time in this village, which is situated 100 km away from the district headquarters. Here no father wants to arrange his daughter’s marriage. The situation is that some boys have gone out of the village and got married and have become residents of that place. Due to the increase in the water level of Khal river, people are imprisoned in their homes. The village becomes an island. When it rains heavily, electricity also fails for three to four days. Due to water logging in the fields, even the path of the ram is not visible. In such a situation, people deposit dry ration before the rains. There are about 228 people living in 22 families in Baradahar village. There is a serious problem of road, water and electricity in this village. Reach the village with the help of footpath. There is a government hand mill in the village. Solar water tower has also become useless. They make arrangements for drinking water by digging a well in the Khal river five hundred meters away.

The wedding procession walks 2 km in the marriage of the girl.

When a girl gets married in Baradahar, the procession reaches the village after traveling two kilometers on foot. The groom also has to come to his in-laws house on foot. When people fall ill, patients have to resort to cots to reach the ambulance. Due to lack of toilets in the village, people defecate in the open. The people here are also untouched by the Ujjwala gas scheme. In such a situation, the women of the village have to cook food on wooden stoves. During the rainy season, women take their children to their maternal home.

Due to inconvenience in the village, people of other villages shy away from marriage. People here do not like to stay at night. No relatives come during the rainy days. Now even the boys here are not getting married.

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