VIDEO Viral of 60 girl students of Chandigarh University taking a bath, 8 attempted suicide

There was a fierce ruckus at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab late on Saturday night. It is alleged that a girl student made a video of 60 girls of the hostel taking a bath and sent it to a young man. That young man from Shimla made this video viral by putting it on the internet. After this video went viral, out of the hostel girl students, 8 girls have attempted suicide. One of them is in critical condition. The accused student has been taken into custody.

Sources said that the accused student used to make videos of girls while taking bath for a long time. When the girls of the hostel came to know about this, they complained to the management. The students allege that the management did not take any action in the matter. Not only this, it is also alleged that the management pressurized him not to tell this to anyone.

Students overturned police car

When the student organizations came to know about the matter, they got furious. Late Saturday night, students surrounded the university and raised slogans like We Want Justice. During this the situation got so bad that the police force had to be called. The enraged students also overturned the police car. From the university administration to the police, there is silence in the matter.

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