VIDEO: Pakistani Minister Shah Mehmood Kushairi cut cake in road inauguration, workers looted

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Pakistan’s bumbling foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is once again in the news. This time, they have come into the discussion not to give giddy blows against India but to cut the cake in Multan. Indeed, Shah Mahmud Qureshi arrived in Multan to inaugurate a road. A large cake was ordered for the road opening.

Even after the Corona epidemic, Shah Mahmood Qureshi did not escape from the crowd. After the inauguration of the road, the Quraysh cut the cake and leave it, but there is a ruckus among the people who reached there. The situation becomes such that people start looting the cake and whoever gets it, gets away.

Let me tell you that many videos of Pakistani Foreign Minister have also appeared before. As soon as this video of Qureshi was shared on social media, it did not take long to become viral. This video of him has been shared on social media by a user named Nalia Inayat. Many users have also commented on the video and shared it.