VIDEO of woman walking on water went viral, people started worshiping her as goddess; the truth came out

A video started going viral in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. In the video, an elderly woman is seen walking on water. Yes, the old lady is walking over the river. After the video went viral on social media, people accepted the woman as the form of Maa Narmada. Hundreds of people reached to see the woman. People started worshiping the woman like a goddess, started touching her feet.

Actually, on Saturday, a video started going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that a woman is walking on top of the river. It was being claimed that the video is from Tilwara Ghat in Jabalpur, MP. Hundreds of people reached Tilwara Ghat in no time. People there started calling the old woman a goddess. Started worshiping the woman. The woman told the police that she was not an incarnation of the goddess. She said that I am an ordinary woman and have come out to circumambulate Maa Narmada. Along with this, the woman kept the truth in front of everyone regarding the video running on water.

According to a report in Bhaskar, the video of the woman walking over the river is not from Tilwara Ghat. The water level of the Narmada river has reduced a lot at some places. In such a low water level, any person can walk comfortably on the river on foot. The woman told that the place where she is seen walking in the video is one such place where the water level of the river was very low. That is, the claim that was being made in the viral video was completely false.

According to the information received, the woman has been identified as Jyoti Bai Raghuvanshi (51). The woman is a resident of Hoshangabad district of MP. The woman had gone missing from her home last year. On May 11, 2022, the relatives informed the police about the woman’s disappearance. The relatives had told in the report that the woman was going through mental illness. Now the video of the same woman is going viral on social media. It can also be seen in many viral videos that many policemen are also seen touching the feet of the woman. Although the woman herself has now given a statement regarding the video going viral. The woman told that the video of her walking in the water which is going viral is at a place where the water in the river was very less.

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